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​When Andrew came to us, he had a new start up business.


He definitely knew the direction that he wanted to take with his brand but lacked knowledge or understanding of the style or voice of the brand.


Along with this, he wasn’t truly aware of the type of audience who he wanted to attract and reach out to.

When we first met Andrew, we had an initial phone call with him to get to grips with his interior design brand and we worked together with him to build a portfolio that would soon become the face of his brand.

We made a step by step plan and fleshed out all the steps we would take as a team to get the best results. 

Andrew worked with our graphic designer to create a fantastic logo and we could already see his confidence growing as the vision became clearer.


The next steps included working on his web page and making sure that the logo and website design genuinely co-existed together in a way that represented what Andrew wanted.

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Jade is a Digital Online Magazine Writer. She has a very small team, but had so far had some ideas on how she wanted her business to be presented online.


She also designed clothing and home accessories and wanted her web page to suit her aesthetic.


Once she sent over her ideas, our Content Creator and Web Page Designer, were able to start work on the website page and build a digital image that reflected the client's brand and voice.



We also helped to carry out a high-quality photoshoot, so that she had images to accompany her growing site and brand. 



Along with this we helped with one of her promotion events by finding influencers and creating high quality invitations.  

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​Clothing Designer Tayo came to Monet Media because he felt like the image that he currently had of himself and his brand didn’t mirror his company ethos.


During the time that he worked with Monet Media we carried out a high-quality photoshoot in his choice of location to help with his branding.  

He also required help and guidance in managing his social media presence, particularly in their early stages. He explained to us his social media goals, and what he wanted to achieve by a certain point in time.


From these meetings we were able to successfully meet these requirements that the our client, Tayo desired.


Our step by step social media management process, helps our clients shape their brand presence.